Terms & Conditions

Becoming a Member

Device Repair, Electronics Reuse, IT Asset Disposition and Data Destruction Services businesses are eligible for E-Reuse Network ("ERN") membership.  Members must complete a Membership Application, and pay their annual membership fee.  The new Member will receive credentials to access the ERN Member Portal, which is used to redeem Network Offers, write Vendor Reviews, and even recommend new Vendors.  Join Here.

Submitting Reviews

In order to submit a Vendor Review, Members must have done a transaction with the Vendor within the past 36 months.

Members must never submit falsified or factually inaccurate Vendor Reviews.  This is a huge disservice to the other Members, and doing so may result in loss of membership.

Members agree to share (confidentially) with E-Reuse Services ("ERS") any transaction-related documentation and correspondence to corroborate the details of a Vendor Review submitted by the Member, if requested by ERS within 10 days of the request.  Members unwilling to share transaction-related information are advised not to submit Vendor reviews, as they may be discarded if the content cannot be corroborated in the case of a Vendor Review Dispute initiated by the Vendor.


ERS agrees not to sell Member's contact information, and to use this contact information only for ERN-related communications.

ERS may allow Members to contact one another though a direct-messaging service, but shall not reveal email or phone info to the Members.

Member Portal Privacy Policy

Network Members

Redeeming Network Offers

Members should initiate contact with the ERN vendors directly through the ERN Member Portal (linked in the Network's "Deals" page by clicking the "redeem" button under the Vendor's logo).  You'll complete and submit the Offer Redemption Form from your Member Portal account, and we'll ask the ERN Vendor to contact you right away!

Redemption requests made by or on behalf of non-Members (including expired Memberships) will not be passed on to the Vendors, and Vendors are restricted from extending their ERN Network Offers to non-members.

Other Terms & Conditions

Members agree not to share their ERN Member ID or login information with individuals outside of the Member-company, and not to attempt "straw-man" offer redemption where a Member redeems an offer on behalf on a non-member organization.

A current list of vendors and their Network Offers is publicly available for organizations to determine if membership may be worthwhile.  ERS makes no guarantee that the Vendor list or individual Vendor offers will not change over time.  It is our objective to continually improve the quality and quantity of the Network Vendors and their Network Offers, while ensuring the highest possible service to the Members from the Network Vendors.

Member agrees to hold ERS harmless for the results or impact of any information exchanged through the E-Reuse Network.  ERS makes no guarantee related to products or services acquired as a direct or indirect result of information obtained through ERN, or transactions originated through ERN.  Member assumes all liability for Member's decisions to conduct business with any Vendor or Member of ERN.   ERS is not responsible for any information shared by Members or Vendors in the ERN Forums.

Membership is non-refundable, and Members agree that violation of the rules for submitting Vendor Reviews (found in these Terms & Conditions), or the rules for use of the ERN Forums (found on the Forums page) may result in suspension or revocation of Membership without reimbursement of dues.  (Automatic renewals will be cancelled in the case of revoked membership.)

Becoming a Vendor

In order to become an E-Reuse Network Vendor, the organization must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a supplier of products and/or services regularly needed by companies that make up the Device Repair, Electronics Reuse, ITAD and Data Destruction Services spaces
  • Receive a recommendation from one or more active ERN members
  • Complete and submit the ERN Vendor Application, and receive a confirmation of acceptance for ERN Vendor Participtation
  • Make at least one standing offer, exclusive to ERN members, that provides incentive for members to do business with the vendor, reflected on the application
  • If approved, create a Vendor account in the ERN Member Portal, and pay the one-time $250 Vendor Setup fee to set up the new participating Vendor to the ERN system

There are no Vendor participation dues, but Vendors may choose to become Vendor-Members, and will pay the same annual Membership rate as regular Members.

Vendors may update their company profile and/or network offer information once per calendar year at no cost.  Additional updates require a $150 administration fee.


    Staying a Vendor

    While it is in the best interest of our membership to maintain robust Vendor participation, ERN reserves the right to terminate a vendor at any time.  Vendors must follow an important set of guidelines in order to avoid the risk of suspension or termination:

    • Vendors must honor their ERN Network Offer in accordance with the offer description and restrictions submitted by the vendor and shown on the Vendor's ERN profile.
    • Vendors must not allow non-ERN Members to circumvent the offer redemption process.

    Other Terms & Conditions

    Neither the E-Reuse Network, nor E-Reuse Services, Inc. is a reseller or broker of goods or services, and neither will accept compensation for business generated through the E-Reuse Network or the eReuse Conference.

    Neither the E-Reuse Network or E-Reuse Services is responsible for the content of Vendor Reviews written by Network Members.  ERS offers a formal Vendor Review Dispute process, and makes an effort to prevent falsified reviews from being made public, and to remove factually inaccurate reviews.

    Sponsorship discounts for highly-reviewed Vendors will begin with ERC 2019.

    Complete Network Vendor Terms & Conditions