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Can anyone get these deals?

Unless the Vendor's Terms, Conditions, Limitations & Restrictions to the Network Offer stipulate otherwise, any active E-Reuse Network Member can access any Vendor's Network Offer.  If your company does not have an active membership, Vendor's will not be able to honor the Network offer until you Join ERN.

Can anyone write reviews?

Reviews are submitted in the Member's Only section of the Member Portal (linked directly in the "Deals" page). In order to submit a Vendor Review, you must:

  1. Be a current ERN Member and log in to the Member Portal,
  2. Have done a transaction with the Vendor within the past 36 months, and
  3. Be willing to share transaction-related documentation and correspondence in order to corroborate the details of the review, should it be needed.

What if a Vendor doesn't honor their Network Offer?

Vendors are required to honor their Network Offer to active ERN Members, in accordance with the Terms, Conditions, Restrictions & Limitations that accompany the offer.  If a Vendor refuses to honor a Network Offer, we want to know, but please be sure first that your company is eligible in accordance with those terms the Vendor has set.

What's the cancellation policy?

Annual membership dues are non-refundable, and companies will have an active Membership for 1 year from the date that they sign up / renew.  Redeeming even a single Vendor's Network Offer can make the annual membership dues worth it.  The Network Offer's and Vendor Reviews are open to the public so companies can make an informed decision about whether they'd like to sign up. 

Okay, so how much?

Visit the ERN Member Portal to view Pricing.  And Like and Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for exclusive Membership promotions.

Why become a Member?  Why not just call the Vendor(s) directly?

We provide our Vendors exposure through the E-Reuse Network at no cost to them, in exchange for their exclusive Network offer to, and excellent treatment of, our Members.  Vendors are of course free to conduct any business they wish both within and outside the E-Reuse Network, however they have agreed to honor their specific Network Offer ONLY for E-Reuse Network Members.

Why an Annual Fee?

Some networks are free for everyone.  Typically they are either short lived or offer minimal benefit... Or both.  Other networks are funded, either wholly or in part, by the vendors.  This may seem like a nice thing if it results in free membership, but if a network relies on keeping vendors happy in order to continue operating, the members automatically become a lower priority.

By requiring an annual membership fee and not charging Vendors for their participation, the E-Reuse Network is able to accomplish several things on behalf of its Membership that would otherwise be impossible:

  • Eliminate the barrier to entry for vendors to sign up and offer discounts to the membership.
  • Focus on protecting our membership, and terminate vendors who mistreat our membership without the influence of lost associated revenue.
  • Get the best possible network discounts and offers for the members from Vendors, who have no costs to recoup or spiffs, commissions or transaction fees to cover.  The savings from these discounts can pay for a member's annual membership fee several times over.
  • Membership dues help subsidize incentives for Vendors to maximize their value to the membership, including discounts on ERC sponsorship for top-performing Vendors.