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Looking for a specific solution or service? Browse by Vendor-Category.

Using the "Deals" page.

  1. Scroll through the Deals page, or use your browser's "Find on Page" feature (Ctrl [or Cmd] + F) to search for a particular Vendor, Vendor-Category (listed below), or other keywords. (Vendor Categories listed below). Or you can Browse by Vendor-Category instead.
  2. Review the Network Offer, and the Restrictions, Limitations, Terms & Conditions. If you wish to redeem a Vendor's offer, simply click the "redeem" button below the Deal description.
  3. The "redeem" button will take you to the ERN Member Portal.  If you're not a Member, you'll need to "Join ERN"; otherwise, log in and complete and submit the Offer Redemption Form.  We'll as the Network Vendor to contact you ASAP about your redemption request.

Vendor Categories

  • Tools / Equipment Supplier for Device Repair Businesses

  • Data Destruction Solution Provider

  • Data Destruction Service Provider

  • Logistics / Shipping / Packaging Solution or Service Provider

  • Asset or Inventory Management / Point of Sale / ERP Solutions

  • Provider of Collaboration / Networking / Transactional Services

  • Advertising / Media / Marketing Services

  • Business Administration Services (eg. Insurance, accounting services)

  • Other