Get the most out of the Industry’s best networking!

  • Multiple Networking Receptions

  • Optional Networking Dinner

  • Personal introductions - just ask ERC Staff,

  • …and now, one-on-one meetings, set up right through the Official ERC App!


Connecting through the App

You can use the official ERC App to connect to other ERC Attendees who are also using the App. You can:

  • Search through the “Attendees” feature on the home screen, or

  • Just shake your phone when you meet someone with whom you want to connect. (If they do the same and you both have the App open.. Voila!)

Setting Up Meetings

Once you’re connected, you can then chat directly through the App, or even propose a one-on-one meeting by clicking the “Meet” button. Choose a time & location to meet. We recommend:

  • 4th Floor dedicated ERC Meeting Room,

  • The Yard Bar & Lounge Area,

  • The BackYard outdoor space,

  • Your Exhibit table or booth,

  • One of the many other comfortable areas available in and around the Conference Hotel!