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ERN gives its Members discounts on products and services from dozens of the Electronics Reuse Industry's Vendors!


savings on…


Equipment / Services for Device Repair Businesses

Certification / Audit Services

Data Destruction Services

Data Destruction Solutions


Asset / Inventory-Management, POS, ERP, Software Solutions

Logistics, Shipping & Packaging Solutions / Services

Collaboration, Networking & Transactional Services

Advertising, Media & Marketing Services


What is this all about?

The E-Reuse Network is a collaboration initiative for device repair businesses, electronics recyclers, PC refurbishers, and ITADs, along with the organizations that supply these companies with industry-related solutions and services.  Its mission is to provide network members with access to exclusive benefits and discounts, and to facilitate greater year-round collaboration in the Electronics Reuse Industry.

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Vendor Benefits

Vendors (business supplying products and services to the Electronics Reuse Industry) will be able to offer exclusive discounts and incentives to the E-Reuse Network Members.  Top member-reviewed Vendors will be rewarded with premier status, and even discounts for future ERC sponsorship… so take good care of the Members!

Member Benefits

You get the deals!  With an active annual membership, Members have access to exclusive Network Offers from Vendors relevant to your business. You can write and read reviews on Network Vendors, and we are adding new Vendors all the time.  This network is all about YOU!

Who's runnin' this?

The E-Reuse Network is managed on behalf of its members by E-Reuse Services, Inc.  We engage with Network Vendors on behalf of the Membership and work to ensure Members are receiving the best pricing, attention and treatment possible, and to extend some of the benefits of our annual E-Reuse Conference to the industry - year-round!

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