strengthening an entire industry


We at the ERS team have been asked, more times than we can count, questions like, "Who has the best ERP system?", or "Who should I call for EH&S audits?"  Our experience and relationships in the industry have enabled us to offer what we think is valuable guidance to our clients, but we've always wondered how much better the industry could be, and how many businesses would benefit if there was a single resource for finding the right vendors at any time for a particular business need... For asking and answering questions, and tapping into the experience others have in the same industry.  We believe the E-Reuse Conference is a terrific way for industry professionals to meet quality vendors and learn ways other businesses are addressing industry challenges (granted, we may be biased), but we wanted to find a way to extend this collaboration and networking opportunity across the entire calendar.

The E-Reuse Network is the answer to that challenge.  It's a member-focused, member-funded resource for ensuring access to the best possible pricing and service from the vendors that support our growing industry.  ERN will never accept spiffs or vendor participation dues whatsoever... that could influence the management and integrity of the network, and we simply won't allow to happen.  We've created a structure where there is no barrier to entry for quality Vendors to offer our Members the best possible deals, with no associated costs to recoup.  We even offer ERC sponsorship incentive for Vendors to provide exemplary service to our Membership.  We're also working on a Member Forum that'll allow our Members to ask and answer questions and discuss industry-related challenges all in one place.

It's really very simple: ERN exists for the businesses that make up our industry - A forum through which ideas, information, strategies and feedback can be exchanged, and where vendors can compete fairly for business.  After all...

our industry. our network.